Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 is here!!

I have not been very dedicated in keeping everyone updated on "stuff," but here it is a new year and I have decided to change that! Although, I am not sure I really have anything to report which might be the reason for the lack of updates versus laziness. So a new year will bring a new website that in all honestly, will be easier for me to maintain! I'll even be able to post slideshows here with minimal effort and you'll be able to leave comments and it'll just be EASY!

To catch you up - the last part of 2007 found me traveling quite a bit throughout the US, which I always enjoy. The holidays were hectic, but spent with my family back in Texas. Work continues to keep me busy. The pets are a handful of fun and although, I am sad to report, I recently lost my beautiful Samantha to cancer, she was such a joy and blessing in a very small package.

I've already done a little bit of travel in 2008, having just gotten back from Vegas. I'll be making trips to Austin, Dallas and Corpus Christi in the next few weeks. For my international trip, I think it'll be Peru and Galapagos in May - details to follow!

I'll update more later, but for now, I hope that 2008 has started out to be an amazing year for you and yours!

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