Sunday, June 15, 2008

US Open @ Torrey Pines

I spent Saturday running around chasing golf balls and enjoyed every minute! MY boss - the best ever - invited me to join him and his family for Day #3 of the US Open, played at Torrey Pines in San Diego. We got to the course around 10am and didn't leave until almost 7pm! The weather was great, the company fun and the players were in top form! I had never been to a golf tournament and wasn't quite sure what to expect - We alternated between watching players from the sidelines and in the bleachers. We saw some great shots and some bad shots. Our little group, and even some random strangers, patiently answered all my questions and explained the "action." I saw Tiger, Rocco, Jimenez, Els, Villegas and A LOT of others. I enjoyed it so much I might actually go to another... :)

Love, Kathleen

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Beautiful Becca

It is so hard to make THAT decision - the one that is loving and compassionate for your pet, but causes you so much pain and grief. But it is that loving gesture that speaks to the depth of love you have... My friends had to put Becca to sleep this past week after 14 years of happy memories. I still remember the day B brought her home when she was a puppy and so I share a bit in their sadness. I like to think that Becca is running around chasing Samantha :)

Rainbow Bridge

Love, Kathleen