Wednesday, October 22, 2008

American Red Cross - Your Platelets Matter!

Every other Tuesday night, I sit in a comfy chair for two hours and watch a movie. A nice lady brings me juice and offers me cookies, tucks me in and makes sure I am comfortable. What am I doing? So glad you asked! I am donating platelets through platelet apheresis. It doesn't hurt, just takes a bit of my time, which in the grand scheme is a small, small contribution.

You don't have to do it every other week. You can do it once a month, four times a year, once a year... but no more than 24 times a year. So every little bit matters!

Most patients undergoing a bone marrow transplant, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment or organ transplant need platelets in order to survive. In fact, doctors are finding platelets play a vital role in more and more new therapies.

With just a five-day storage life, platelet donations are delivered quickly to the patients who need them. Platelet donors have the satisfaction of knowing that their donation will be saving a life within just a few days!!!

Click on the link below for a center near you -,1082,0_19_,00.html

Think about all the good your platelets will do!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cabo - Fun in the sun & Hurricane Norbert

A well deserved (even if I do say so myself) vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Samantha generously offered her time share and Simone and I weren't stupid enough to say no! So off we went! We spent three days by the pool and one day lounging around the spa waiting for Hurricane Norbert to pass us by. A Category Two hurricane is really only a minor inconvenience! Plus, when you get the three of us together, you know an adventure is brewing!


Friday, October 03, 2008

Fall is here

So fall is here and the weather is supposed to start cooling down, but... we had record breaking temps of 90+. Not that I am complaining because I much prefer it hot to cold!

Life has been busy and abnormally chaotic. Although, I am certainly NOT going to complain. I have a bunch of trips coming up - now that summer is over, traveling starts again! I head to Cabo San Lucas next weekend for a LONG girls' weekend. Portland, Vegas, New York, Pennsylvania and then San Antonio (twice).

Pets are fine, house is fine and work is fine! Hope the same holds for you!

Love, Kathleen