Friday, February 06, 2009

Misty's DONE!

Today was the 6th and final dose of radiation for Misty's tongue and lymph nodes!!

She has been uncomfortable this past week and the next two weeks will get slightly worse. I am managing her pain with pain pills and I'll step up the dose starting today just to make sure she hurts as little as possible. I've switched her to moist food so she is still eating well and always wants to go on walks. I think that as long as both those things continue, we are doing just fine! We'll go in for a recheck next week and then every 3 months.

Life is slowly getting back to normal after the trip to Dubai. Sleeping is still irregular, at best! Can't keep my eyes open after work and am then up at 2am. I am hoping that I can beat the clock this weekend and actually sleep a full, 8-hours when normal people are sleeping :).

Adventures didn't stop with my return to SoCal. My first day back at work, I blew a front tire on the 'vette. Not just a little hole, but a great, big, gigantic hole. Thank goodness for AAA. Although, it was late, car rental place was closed so... I took a cab into work the next day. Finding a cab to take me and Misty to work (she had her 5th radiation treatment that day) was a little challenging, but I perservered! Thanks to the generosity of co-workers, I borrowed cars and made it everywhere I was supposed to that day! And of course, I now have two new tires because you can't just replace one... And you don't even want to know what those tires cost!

Hope all is well in your world(s)!
Love, Kathleen