Monday, May 25, 2009

So long as I get somewhere...

That was the quote that my sister used in her Graduation speech at UT Law. Hard to believe three years later she was walking across the stage to receive her JD - it isn't that she was graduating that was hard to believe, it was that it had been three years since I helped her get settled in Austin!

But graduate she did and in typical Lorraine style, she did it with class and accolades. She was elected as Permanent Class President and that gave her the opportunity to address her class on graduation day. She gave a great speech (even in my non-baised opinion :))

The trip to Austin was a whirlwind - I flew in at 10pm Thursday night and then out on Sunday at 6am. We managed to drive to San Antonio to visit my grandmother and Uncle, a wedding dress fiting for Lorraine, a visit with an old high school friend, graduation, and dinner with family and friends :)

Next big thing - THE wedding in Dallas on June 13th :)

Love, Kathleen