Monday, November 24, 2008

West Coast versus East Coast

I just spent the last week on the East Coast and had a great time... if it just had not been so cold! But I layered up, drank lots of hot chocolate and it was just fine. Spent the first half of the week in NYC celebrating T's birthday, shopping and seeing FOUR Broadway shows: Wicked, Grease, Chicago and Spamalot. Life is good :)

Then I rented a car and headed to Farmingdale, NY. Now... I am a big city girl and learned to drive in the big city, BUT NYC is off the charts! Straddling the lanes, stopping in the middle of the intersection and running red lights are apparently generally accepted driving practices! My nerves were a bit frazzled as I maneuvered through rush-hour traffic! But all was well in Farmingdale (work trip) and so then I headed to Easton, Pennsylvania.

I arrived in Easton and had a great time - work and pleasure. Thursday and Friday I was in the store and Saturday was spent flying around in a Bonanza. My adventurous pilot, TW, took us out to the quaint, little, seaside town of St. Michaels where we did a bit of shopping and stopped for lunch. Then back up in the air for the ride back to Easton. LOVED every minute of it! See below for the pictures of our fun!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this holiday season begins with many blessings for you and yours!

Love, Kathleen

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Michelle Wilkerson said...

sounds like a great daughter would be so jealous of you seeing wicked..she has been waiting for 4 years for it to come here..finally it is next summer and we are waiting for the tickets to go on sale..Happy Thanksgiving to you..