Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Stalker

He knows where I live. He knows what car I drive. He has followed me when I take Misty out for a walk. He is usually there waiting for me to get back from a run. He seems to always be sitting at the curb at the corner of my street....

He is 8 years-old :)

Tommy lives around the corner from me. Cute, little boy. Always waves when I drive by; says "hi" when I run by. After a time, he worked up the courage to stop me with "Excuse me, Miss. Cool car." So I stopped to chat, seemed rude not to.

A little while later, when we were talking after one of my runs, he worked up the courage to ask if he could look inside my car? I said of course! If his mom wanted to bring him down to my house, then I'd even let him sit in the car :) Five minutes later, he was dragging his poor mom up the walkway to my front door.

A few days later, his mom said he wouldn't stop talking about the car... would I mind driving him around the block? Of course! I put down the top and we drove around our little neighborhood - he was laughing the whole way. You know that laugh - that great, little kid laugh...such pure joy that makes your heart smile and your soul shine.

He brought his friends to my driveway to 'look' at my car, but he warned them not to touch because only certain people could touch... and then he proceeded to touch it in a display of his importance :)

When he sees me go out for a run, he waits for me to finish and then runs the last block with me - he thinks it is fun to beat me to my own! :) (In my defense...he didn't just run 10 miles ...)

Today, Tommy told me he wants to marry me when he grows up. I asked him why? He said because I am "cool." From the mouths of babes... :)


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