Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pretty Witch

Not everyone likes me. What!??! A lot of people do like me but there are some that don't. I think if I had to tally it up - more people like me than don't like me. I am pretty sure the "likes" outweigh the "dislikes," so all in all, I can be okay with that.

Recently, my sister has been teasing me about running into people I don't WANT to run into...everywhere! People I would really prefer not to see/talk to have been at a breakfast cafe, at the hair salon, at the gym and now... at the Chevron station around the corner from my house.

I pulled in to the gas station to put in $5000 worth of gas this morning. Okay, it was more like $50.... but I am prone to exaggeration :)

Anyway, I was fighting tears and I really HATE for people to see me cry. It had just been a long night, I was tired, my "heart" hurt, I couldn't get my hair to stay up, my run hadn't gone well, I felt fat, I was tired, kids are starving in Africa AND the song on the radio was Garth's "The Dance" - the world was trying to make me cry! Seriously!

So this "person" at the Chevron station said hello to me AND as he walked away he muttered under his breath AND I CLEARLY heard him say... "So the Pretty Witch does have a heart..."

Seriously? Wow. Really? Kick me while I am obviously down? NOW I feel perfectly justified for sidestepping his advances a few years ago...

But there is always a silver-lining...he called me "pretty" :)


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